Landlord Checklist

Your basic guide to letting your property

Must Do
Best Practice
May be required for accreditation scheme membership or HMO licensing

Register as a landlord
Inform mortgage lender
Check tax implications
Inspect for Repairing Standard purpose
Advertise for tenant
Arrange viewings (with permission of current tenant if property is occupied)
Give draft lease agreement and other paperwork to read
Setup short assured tenancy, Serve AT5, prior grounds and sign tenancy agreement
Give tenant copy of Landlord’s Gas Safety Check
Inform tenant of Repairing Standard Rights
Provide copies of Electical Safety Certificates
Arrange payment of rent, deposit, etc
Inform Council Tax of tenant details
Complete Key Agreement form
Hand over keys
Lodge deposit with TDS within 30 days of the beginning of the tenancy
Tell tenant which TDS scheme has been used
Tour property, show tenant how things work, point out stopcock and meters
Tell tenant how to report repairs and emergencies
Arrange settling in visit for six weeks into tenancy
End Tenancy, serve NTQ, Serve AT6. Sign Section 33 (as appropriate)
Arrange check out visit
Provide tenant with information about what you will be inspecting and what you will be looking for
Tenant vacates
Get keys back
Contact TDS to enable refund of deposit
Repare property for re letting