Recieve your rent on time, everytime even if your tenant does pay. many of our landlord utilise our guanranteed rent collection service as collecting rents and dealing with rent arrears can be very stressful. This can add to the worry, if your tenants continue with late or non-payment of their ren. Furthermore what to do next with regards to eviction and legal assistance. Our rent collection service removes the worry from renting property and provides landlords complete peace of mind by safeguarding your income. As our landlord, your rent will be paid in full on the monthly due date regardless of whether your tenant pays or not! Rent on Time allows you to plan your life effectively by guaranteeing your cash flow. A Quick Let gauranteed Rent collection service is available for new and existing lets. You will receive: Free ‘ultimate tenant’ referring, supplied through ‘Let Alliance’ Comprehensive tenancy agreements and renewals, updated every 6 months by our legal team. Free deposit registration and protection. Expert rent collection and debt management. Rent paid on the rent due date every single month regardless of whether the tenant pays or not. Rents paid up until vacant possession is achieved Rent arrears chasing and administration handled on your behalf Legal and eviction expenses covered in the event of court action. Not insurance policy needed or claims required. No excess to pay.